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Grab a group of your closest friends or coworkers and set up a lottery pool to increase your odds of winning jackpot games. Getting started is easy—find all the information, tips and resources you need below.

Jackpot Squad Powerball Sign-Up Sheet

Jackpot Squad Mega Millions Sign-Up Sheet

Tips For Successful Pool Play:

1. Create Guidelines

Create an agreement that spells out the rules of your office pool and put them in writing. Some things to consider:

  • Who is in your Jackpot Squad? Make sure to include the names and phone numbers of everyone involved in your Jackpot Squad.
  • How often is each member of your Jackpot Squad contributing? Is your Squad just in for the big jackpot or playing every draw?
  • How much is each member of your Jackpot Squad contributing? Are you providing proof/receipts for payments?
  • Will your Squad let the Lottery terminal choose the numbers (Quick Pick) or not?
  • What day are you collecting for ticket purchasing? If a regular Squad member is not present on lottery collection day will they be included or excluded?
  • Should your Jackpot Squad set an amount for what is considered a small prize? If the Jackpot Squad wins a small prize, do you split the prize equally or put it back into the pool to play again?

Have all the members of your Jackpot Squad review the guidelines. This is essential in keeping group play fun and controversy free.

2. Pick a Leader

Pick a leader who will be in charge of the Jackpot Squad.  The leader will be responsible for collecting the money, buying the tickets, making copies, keeping track of winning, etc.

3. Copy or Photograph Tickets

Make copies or photograph the front and back of the tickets PRIOR to each drawing and distribute them to each member of your Jackpot Squad.  Winnings can be big or small.  The more eyes checking the numbers ensures you won't miss any payouts.

4. Keep the Ticket Secure

Keep the original tickets in a safe place and don't lose them.  They could be worth millions!